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custom WordPress template design

Making changes to your site's content whenever you please can be as simple as writing an email! Having control over the addition of new pages, new content or images once required a web developer's assistance, though now there are many Content Management Systems (CMS) available that are open source and free. By building their site on a CMS, the client is enabled to make updates to their own site via an easy-to-use web interface. Our preferred CMS is WordPress, though we are able to develop for a number of others including Drupal, Joomla! and ZenCart.

While the client is able to add content, the design and architecture of the CMS is best built by an experienced web developer. There are countless free templates available for these free platforms, though it's better to have a system that is laid out specifically for your company rather than trying to fit your offerings into an already-designed, un-unique template. Click here to read more about why template websites are bad news!.

The way it works is first you have your website designed, then we create a custom WordPress template to make the content serving platform display your design. The benefit of a CMS like WordPress is it's inherent blogging capability. Having a blog on your site that's regularly updated with content relevant to search queries by which you wish customers to find your site is a low-cost means of gaining organic web traffic. Combine this with an engaging site that provides useful content and means for conversion (email signup, contact form, product purchase, etc.) to maximize your website's ROI. You can write the content for your site, or we can write your web content in a search engine-optimized manner.

You can also have a store built on a CMS, where the products are easily mass-imported and managed and sales are transacted on a server with an SSL and merchant integration with, PayPal, or Google Checkout to name a few. To learn more about our E-Commerce services and how we use WordPress to build online stores, click here!

Though located in San Diego, we serve the world with our custom WordPress template design, web content writing and web design services. Click here, or call (619) 309-8537 to get a quote today.