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search engine optimization

Ever wonder how your competition got a top 10, or page 1 (P1) ranking in Google? The higher a site displays in search query result, this ranking is directly proportionate to how much organic traffic can be hoped for. From website conception to architecture, to web content writing and description and title tag authorizing, a well thought out strategy is key to successful positioning in the search engines.

Many companies have tried to implement a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) initiative for their website with in-house resources with little-to-no results. Even worse some companies have been lured by snake oil search engine optimization companies that promised the world only to under-deliver or cause penalizations. One of the reasons why this usually happens is that search algorithms are increasingly evolving and quick-fix tactics do not work anymore. Spending the time and effort to do it right and deliver what the search engines value as relevant is key to solid rankings across the board for your service or product.

Here at Park Blvd. Marketing we not only put in the necessary strategy and time and effort but take it a step further by focusing on the ROI of your SEO marketing budget. Through analytic tools and conversion optimization techniques we not only implement key rankings but also convert those free clicks into new customers for your business. Find out how we can achieve greater visibility in the search engines for your company by implementing a search engine optimization strategy that provides long term ROI results.

Though located in San Diego, we serve the world with our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services.
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