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What’s The Deal With All Of These ‘Local’ Listings

December 17th, 2008

Getting your site ranked in the top ten organic results on a Google search is a time consuming and difficult process. The benefit of being in this top ranking is that you are on the first page of results, where your site is most likely to be found and clicked through to. Registering your business’ website with Google Local Search will increase the probability of your site being found, especially if your services are the type that consumers would search locally for.

For instance, most people who search for an accountant would also input their city along with that search, for instance ‘accountant san diego’. Search results for Google searches that include a city or region are most often accompanied by a list of local results and a map locator – above the rest of the results that businesses are normally competing against for ranking:

Let’s first take note of the entire range of search results returned for our ‘accountant san diego’ search:

3,730,000 results is pretty deep ranking competition, especially when there’s these top local searches that are in the forefront of the search results. Let’s take a closer look now at these local search results by clicking this link:

Notice that the number of local results – these are companies that registered their business with Google Local Search – offer much less competition than the general results:

Basically, to get your site ranked in the general results underneath the local results you must compete, as we see in this ‘accountant san diego’ search example’, with 3,730,000 other websites. Alternatively, to get your site ranked in the local business results above the general results your competition is greatly diminished (with only 9,834 other websites to compete with) in the provided example.

To register for Google Local Search is free and simple, you just need a Google account (Gmail, AdWords… etc. – they are all free you just need one, and if you don’t have one, you can sign up here). With a Google account you can access their ‘Local Business Center’ where you simply click on the link to ‘Add New Listing’. From there you can follow the simple directions, and within minutes you can have your site entered into the local search result pool.

While registering with Google Local Search doesn’t necessarily guarantee that your business is going to show on the front page of local search results right away, your changes of reaching the top will be terrifically increased due to the slimmed down competition as shown in the above competition.

If you need help setting up your business in Google Local Search, don’t hesitate to contact us.