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Web Design Templates – All The Rage?

December 22nd, 2008

Numerous businesses have contacted us in this past month for assistance with implementation of web site templates that they’ve chosen to showcase their services. Given the combination of our current economic climate with holiday and pre-tax season budgeting, it comes as no surprise that the small business is taking web publishing into their own hands. This brave move however is oft met with display challenges that, if not rectified by a professional who is well apt in the intricacies and nuances of front-end web development, can prove as costly as having custom web work.

The internet is a means to make your business known to the world for an incredibly small price as compared to the traditional print alternative – yet custom web design is increasingly being considered as more costly than web template implementation. Unbeknownst to many budget-minded small business owners who are choosing the template-based web design route, there are hidden costs.

Many companies are not pleased with the way that their copy (text) looks after publishing it to the template they chose. Also, many templates are not ‘optimized’ code-wise to be surfaced by the search engines. Then there is the issue of cross-browser/platform compatibility (often overlooked); a template can look stellar in one browser situation, then render your business’ web presence garbled in another.

Despite these myriad, costly conundrums, many a small business choose templates for their web design needs. And as mentioned earlier, our help is often sought to help sort things out. I sincerely wonder why companies are increasingly choosing the web design template route to earnestly express their services on the internet. No template is ‘free’ – there are costs incurred from setup time and the poor impression that you could make from a patchy implementation.

Finally, do you want to represent the uniqueness of your services against the competition with cookie-cutter web design? How many other businesses are utilizing the same ‘cool’ template that you’ve chosen? We offer affordable, custom web design, development and online marketing services specialized to companies of all sizes. Before trying your hand at a template please contact us so that we can assure the best internet impression for your business. While we are local to San Diego we are well versed in serving the world! Just say ‘no’ to templates!