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Social Media Management & The Semantic Web: “Voice Matters”

October 13th, 2011

San Diego Social Media Management & The Semantic WebHaving a regularly updated, keyword-rich blog on your site undoubtedly boosts search relevancy. Recent search engine algorithm developments however are strongly implying that clues beyond site content are also weighed in ranking decisions. Such additional relevancy “clues” are possibly found by a search engine’s analyzation of your “voice” elsewhere on the web from your main website; think Twitter and Facebook updates. Tweeting or updating your Facebook with topics relevant to what you wish your site to rank for is essential in establishing a semantic “voice” for your site on the web.

This concept of an integrated “voice”, from multiple online outlets, provides much opportunity for SEO. Take the average website hoping for rankings; it’s looking like a site’s search result presence/relevance may be linked to post content from associated social media accounts. This analysis of your “voice” across the web points focus on the relevancy of your Facebook or Twitter updates to your main site’s content, how many people shared or re-tweeted one of your posts, how many followers or likes you have, etc. Thinking from the perspective of how a search engine would best measure a site’s relevancy, or ranking, the more engaging your online publishing, the more relevant your entire online presence becomes (potentially) in the search engines’ eyes.

Publishing engaging and interesting online content that is a) relevant to your main site and b) worthy of being shared, liked or otherwise “socialized” online is likely the next best thing by which search engines can judge a site’s ranking. By this logic, an active and engaged online social media voice may be a current focus in the ever evolving refinement of search results.

There are many more benefits to getting your website’s voice heard in the “semantic web”, for instance check out our next blog post: How Facebook’s New Social Networking Features Will Change Digital Marketing.