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So You Want To Start A Lead Generation Company

June 8th, 2011

So You Want To Start A Lead Generation CompanySo you have realized the lucrative potential of creating solid leads and reselling them, it’s a great service after all. Connecting consumers and businesses alike happens to be a passion of ours that we’ve nearly a decade of experience in. Lead generation is an awesome concept, though there are a few not-so-obvious basics to take note of as you dive into the world of controllable ROI! Looking for further assistance with setting up a lead generation company, from lead generation to full website design and search engine positioning/marketing? Contact us here!

The Landing Page

The page where the traffic you are paying for to land, is it your home page? A product listing? If it’s designed as anything but a landing, squeeze or pitch page you are most likely losing conversions. Having a page specifically designed to capture the few seconds of attention you garner from paid marketing can mean the difference between an email signup, product purchase or other user interaction. Some of the favorite landing page designs we’ve done can be seen here.

Leveraging Organic & Paid SERPs

Getting organically on page one (P1) of Google can take months to years of search engine optimization and content generation, OR you can pay to have your site show above or to the right of organic results. The latter is search marketing, where your text advertisement shows in a highlighted manner aside from “regular” search results, your positioning secured by a rather complex system of bidding against competition. Your ad only shows when people search for terms you “bid” on, so the traffic derived is in a sense already interested and somewhat informed about what you are selling.

The payment for your search positioning is incurred each time a user clicks your result ad.* The greatest benefits of search marketing are that it’s trackable (so many analytics available to help steer where you invest your marketing dollars), testable (a/b and multivariate testing to dial in which elements on your page convert better than others; remember it takes about 100 visitors per test instance to derive enough data to make judgements on whether a marketing tweak was impressionable), and it’s easy to have a guest consultation on an existing account.

Whether you are seeking the lowest cost per acquisition in PPC, AdWords, Microsoft AdCenter, Yahoo! or SEO, we will likely help you out! Do you already have your own (~experimental) AdWords set up already?  One step ahead of the game!  Wouldn’t hurt to have an expert take a look to make sure you aren’t overspending.  We know how to optimize for the lowest cost!

Lead Distribution / Management:

After building out a network of demographically targeted landing pages, and having search marketing campaigns researched and built out, you’ll be getting some great exclusive leads. If you wish to re-sell these leads (within reason, three times max to be both fair to competition and consumer), the landing page form data will need to be processed through a lead management system. The clients who purchase leads are set up in a queue in a system like this, where leads that come in can be distributed in a round-robin fashion.

There is quite a range of products available to serve this purpose, a favorite cloud solution being Baberdoo though for a startup there is no better value than Click Point Software’s LeadExec Vendor Edition for managing lead distribution. All lead management systems have a steep learning curve, and with some you’ll be paying in part for good support. Basically this system tracks all leads that come through your forms, and distributes them to a queue of clients via email or post.  Leads are also available in their web-based system for your clients to log in and view, as well as make new orders!

Client Management, CRM

A Client Resource Manager (CRM) is what a sales team uses to manage their leads as well as clients.  A CRM can have routing capacity (similar to a lead management system but internally to your sales team) as well as followup settings & calendars to maximize ROI on gaining and managing recurring accounts.  There are myriad solutions available, SalesForce’s client resource manager is really snappy, great design as well as support – though for a monthly cost. On the other hand there’s SugarCRM, which is a free (Open Source) system which can be set up by us (including three hours of timely one-on-one screen-share/phone/email/chat support) for an initial setup cost plus a nominal yearly hosting fee. SugarCRM can also easily be set up when signed up with monthly hosting at LiquidWeb (think “one-click-install”).

Our Lead Gen Experience

From early last decade, mortgage boom to bust to now, we’ve been based in San Diego and involved in the successful conversion optimization of landing pages for verticals ranging from education, tax resolution, real-time insurance quoting, e-commerce, mortgage origination, reverse mortgage, loan modification, web design, debt settlement, travel, energy drinks and more.

After nearly ten years of working with several lead generation companies we started our own purely search engine marketed lead generation company,, where we kept many clients very happy in the loan modification and debt solutions sectors (used LeadExec by the way). Regulations basically killed both industries so now we focus more on consulting and improving conversion rates upwards of 20%.

Be aware that search marketing competition, especially for popular lead generation verticals like loan modification, can be ruthless; there is a reason why lead generation has a reputation for being wrought with ripoffs. It can be difficult to compete as a company that doesn’t do anything black hat or dishonest. Park Blvd. Marketing’s online marketing and lead generation guru Adrian Huth weighs in on this dirty state of the lead generation industry on, check it out here.

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*There is also a monthly option to have your account managed closely that we offer. Search signals are important to keep updated monthly to help your organic rankings, we also offer search engine optimized microblogging services.