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Using SEM / PPC / Adwords? Landing Pages Are Key To Conversions & ROI.

January 26th, 2010

As you can likely tell from our portfolio of work samplings, we specialize in landing page design. Of course we still create full websites, often built using customized WordPress templates (as is the case with this site) so that a regularly-updated blog and/or article repository can be leveraged for SEO. The well designed landing page, however, is a sure-fire way to make certain that you see a return on any marketing investment returned and then some.

Do you drive traffic to your website using search engine marketing (SEM) or pay per click (PPC) marketing such as Google Adwords? Landing pages are becoming an increasingly popular means of maximizing your marketing ROI. I discussed in an earlier post about landing page design and PPC marketing the impact of layout and design, and did a critique of the status quo. It’s fantasitcally amazing to me how so many businesses are literally throwing money out the window daily by driving paid traffic to poorly designed websites or landing pages! Design aside though, it’s important that businesses understand why a landing page serves better as a destination page for driven traffic than their home page or other pages.

A landing page is specifically designed to incur an action from the user. This action, or conversion, can be anything from the collection of contact information to spurring the consumer to make a purchase. The same principal in ad design applies to the landing page: you have only a few seconds of the consumer’s precious attention to establish trust, convince why your product is important / better than the others, and thereby spur a conversion. Paying to send traffic to a page that is not this specifically focused, or even worse has no path of action for the user to take, is a waste of your money and the consumer’s time likewise. The amount that you pay to have a custom, well-designed landing page will increase your marketing ROI to a degree that will make you want to tell all your friends, and your friend’s friends, etc.

Odd thing is that the concept of the landing page, though widely used and understood by marketers, has only a niche placement in the business world. As we design more and more landing pages, and bring success to each of our clients, we are doing business a favor and helping to spread the word about this vital online marketing tool.

If you would like to discuss landing page design for your company, or know someone who does, give me a call: 619 309 8537. We also specialize in driving traffic using search engine marketing, to the degree that we have launched another company solely based on the leads that we derive using PPC and landing pages. I will write about and formally introduce this ethics-based lead generation company in a future post.