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Pay Per Click Campaigns Quickly Drive Traffic and Customers… but what are they?

December 18th, 2008

Whether launching or maintaining a business website, the purpose is most often to have people and potential customers see it. Search engine optimization is one way to ensure visibility, though it could take a very long time for your optimized website to float to the top of the search results – especially if you are in a competitive industry. Print is another alternative though we’ll be seeing this type of marketing investment lose steam steadily in the coming years due to the shift to the more trackable, targeted and more affordable alternative we are about to talk about right now. Pay Per Click marketing is a way to quickly get your business visible above Google’s, Yahoo’s and MSN’s regular, or organic, results quickly and fairly.

Google, Yahoo and MSN have programs that accept payment to place your website in a different ranking system, showing in ‘sponsored search results’ – usually the text ads you see to the top and side of your search results, for instance. The payment model will vary between search engines, so we are going to explain our approach to Google’s advertising product, AdWords. However all Pay Per Click marketing, regardless of the search engine, is based on the same principal: Show ads only to the people who are searching for something relevant to what is in the ad.

Print is still used largely, from yellow pages to full page newspaper or magazine ads to billboards – and the cost is extravagant considering that no one ever really knows how well a print ad is working for them. Print may boast some ‘guaranteed’ viewership, based on subscription or circulation numbers, but who knows whether the people who saw the ad were actually interested. Furthermore, many viewers may have ignored your ad, and if you want to track how much business you ‘may’ have received in response to the ad the inclusion of something such as a coupon would be needed.

Consider that for a third of the price of print advertising most businesses can get exposure:

+ simply by getting shown in the sponsored results
+ paying something each time, and only when, a person clicks on the shown ad
+ have their ad exposed only to people who are searching for something relevant to the ad

Contact us today to learn more about Pay Per Click campaign results and how getting your site targeted, trackable exposure in ‘Sponsored Links’ search results is the most economical and effective advertising means around today.