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How Facebook’s New Social Networking Features Will Change Digital Marketing

October 19th, 2011

How Facebook's New Social Networking Features Will Change Digital Marketing Facebook has been rolling out several innovations that go a long way to ensure that social media will be key to the future of internet marketing. Businesses will need to offer interactive, shareable content in order to stay relevant, as users are increasingly letting content come to them via social networking features rather than using search engines to ferret out the content themselves.

Now, social media stories will be more meaningful than than the “like” button on websites has allowed. Users will be able to indicate when they “read,” “listen to” and otherwise interact with various media. Updates appear in the new Facebook ticker automatically, and in the news feed if they’re considered important. Sharing activities, like listening to music, with minimal effort appeals most to the younger, more active, user base.

For marketers, social media today offer major benefits for on-site engagement and syndication. Users will be able to push even more content to the news feed, ticker and timeline, generating more exposure and click backs to sites. Also, as the user experience becomes more personal and engaging, Facebook’s functionality on websites will ultimately provide those sites with an even deeper look into who their visitors are. This information can be applied to pin-point ad targeting and product recommendations as well as product development and inventory decision making.

Two-way relationships between each business and its customer base, in which customers and potential customers share content and activity contextually and nearly frictionlessly via social media will rival good search engine optimization for gaining traffic to business websites into the future. If you are interested in making your voice heard in social media/the semantic web, contact us today so that we may help in ironing out your approach.