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Hong Kong Airport Tantrum Lady – Viral?

February 16th, 2009

Viral marketing has become a massively popular means of generating a business buzz. So much so that I’d venture to say that SO many companies are trying to make viral videos for the sake / hope of them becoming an internet hit that this saturation has removed the charm. Do a search for viral videos 2007 then search viral videos 2008 and you might see what I mean. Last year was saturated with videos that were ‘trying to be viral’ whereas the year prior set the stage for ‘viral’ as a market itself.

I am interested to see what happens with this Hong Kong tantrum woman’s video (where she’s reacted to missing her flight yet no one seems to be able to translate what she is going on about other than something about her having the passports – maybe her husband is on the plane? – or her dogs being on the plane?). This morning when I first viewed it I noted it had 40k something views… this afternoon that number has jumped to 220k+ views.

Searching for spinoffs on Google this morning yielded nothing, and still nothing this afternoon though someone has posted it in their blog. Other than that the buzz is dry, other than one interesting thing… is this video becoming AS popular as it is because of it’s mention in major news outlets i.e. Drudge Report, or would it have gained as many views as it has virally, by word of ‘mouth’ via blogging communities and person-to-person sharing? If something becomes a hit because of notation in the news, is this viral? Regardless of how something becomes popular, it’s still good marketing.

And to this I am curious to see what if anything people are going to ‘do’ with this Hong Kong airport woman video – to remake it simply for entertainment or to bolster their business marketing via some re-mix of this sorry woman who missed her flight. I will be watching this throughout the week and will make updates here.