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Five Post Site Launch SEO Strategies

June 3rd, 2011

So you had your site built with a search engine optimized architecture, congratulations! Moving forward there are five content maintenance investments that should be considered to give your SEO-poised website the push to successful rankings. Having fresh content on your site via a blog, as well as ‘social signals’ via re-tweets or sharing of information you microblog via Twitter or Facebook will give the search engines something to latch onto for validating why exactly your website should rank over the competition. Taking just an hour per week to generate content for your site can help tremendously. Here’s some examples of how:

  1. Write articles that will in essence bait people to share in their social circles. Social referencing of your site, and especially sharing or re-tweeting of your feed, is what you need to go for. Articles like ‘Top 5 Foo’ grab people’s attention because five tips are usually a quick read, and may be more likely to be re-tweeted or otherwise shared. The more content on your site that’s referenced ‘socially’, the better.
  2. Make sure the content on your site is not only unique, but well written. Poor spelling can purportedly penalize search engine rankings, though making sure the content provided is useful and relevant is key as well for gaining distinguished rankings.
  3. Publish articles on other websites and have anchored links back to your site. ‘Anchored’ linking in this case refers to wrapping the actual link around text that is relevant to what is being linked to, rather than just a ‘click here’. The key is that the tags must wrap text that is relevant to your site, including keywords for which you wish to be ranked.
  4. On your own site, publish two, ~thousand word articles weekly. To best optimize them for the search engines be sure to include keyword suggestions sussed from analytics and keyword research. We can help you with this.
  5. Consistently update Twitter and Facebook every other day if you can – this promises to increase your site’s rankings and is great branding for your followers. Personally I’m disappointed when a business I like doesn’t have an active Facebook or Twitter feed. On the contrary, brands that have interesting feeds are stuck in my head – a lot! Social media management can have fantastic results for both branding and semantically ranking your voice on the web.

We realize that finding the time to produce content for your site can prove difficult, though it’s becoming more widely understood as a solid investment to maintain or boost your rankings. For the month of June we are offering a convenient service package to help you out! Have two search engine optimized microblogs written per week (think short enough to Tweet, though it will also be shared on your Facebook feed) for one month – only $75! Call now (619) 309-8537 to learn more or contact us here!