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Content Generation and SEO – Keep It Fresh!

December 27th, 2008

The daunting task of surfacing your website within the first two pages of search engine results has a steadfast and economical solution: provide regularly updated content that is relevant to your business and the spiders will be more likely to find keywords that your site can be ranked by. Basically, the more content that you provide on your website, the greater the chance that the keywords and phrases by which people are searching for your business type will match your site’s content and surface your website on the search engines.

Also important on the topic of search engine optimization and ranking is having a cleanly-coded website. If your HTML is bloated, or using unnecessary tables (these should only be used for tabular data), search engine spiders will have difficulty spidering the content on your site. In this case, a great deal of your valuable content can go unnoticed by the search engines! We offer free website analyses and strategies – contact us today if you’d like for us to determine whether your site is built on a good foundation for content generation.

There are numerous, open-source (free!) Content Management Systems (CMS) available that enable a person who is unfamiliar with coding to make updates to their own website. With such tools as WordPress or Drupal, adding new pages or blog posts can be simply done using your web browser. Adding media, such as images or video, to your new pages or articles is also easy with a CMS.

If you have the time, writing content for your own business’ website can be very valuable. What to write about, though? First, think of any keywords or phrases that you think people might use to search for business types like yours. Second, do a little research to see if there are any niche keywords or phrases that your competition doesn’t show up for. Then write articles, blog posts or even add new pages to your site that contain these keywords and phrases, though it is important to do so eloquently. In other words, don’t simply stuff a poorly-written page full of the keywords and phrases that you hope people will search for you by.

Making content that is relevant to visitors will enhance your reputation and branding, and can even spur other websites to link to your site (which can also positively affect your search engine rankings)! Posting relevant, interesting content that is coupled with sharing icons is also an excellent solution for gaining search engine rankings. If a reader ‘Digg’s your article, you not only get some linkback credibility, you also are getting your website seen on that sharing site.

There are many companies that simply do not have the time to write new content for their websites three or more times a week, however. In addition to specializing in SEO and Web Design and Development, Park Blvd. Marketing also offers high-quality content generation at reasonable rates. Contact us today for a free analysis on how content generation, or copywriting, can be incredibly beneficial for your online marketing strategy!